The Many Endings of Neon Nightmares

So Now I’ve got most bug fixes done, I can get back to adding new content for the final release of the game, One thing I’ve had to spend a lot of time thinking about before I can even start is what kind of endings do I want for the game?

I have decided on three endings, each of which are completed by doing different things

I won’t spoil the endings, instead i’ll give you some hints in the form of titles for the endings, (which you can also see in the trophies list)


  • This ending is obtained by playing the game normally

Hot off the Press

  • This ending is obtained by beating the Golden Mode

The Great Blaze

  • This ending is obtained by doing something different…

Each ending will feature a new location and New Nightmare that will behave and function differently….

All endings are canon, all endings happen…


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