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omg this was soo fun! <3 thankyou :D I would pay for this if you made it longer and less clunky!


Woops, it appears i somehow set the game to be hidden without realising it, thanks for telling me.

Now lets all be serious this is just Medievil Remastered early access 

Seriously tho I had fun with it I mean I came nowhere near what I was supposed to do or whatever but I did have fun with it and thats what actually matters right?




Overall I really enjoyed my time with this! The thrill of finding and testing new items was a blast (literally) and the combat was pretty satisfying! However, the one thing I think the game needs more than anything else is either hyper armor (inability to be stunned) on attack animations and/or a short period of damage immunity after a damaging stun all of my deaths in game were because of an enemy stunning me and burning down my health bar with little to no chance to react, heal or retaliate. This made most of the deaths feel pretty cheap in an otherwise damn enjoyable experience! Really great work overall!