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This is such a fun and challenging game, well worth the play!


This game is really cool! It reminds me somewhat of FNAF, and it's really intriguing. The gameplay is super hard, and there's definitely some sort of story to unravel...I can't wait to figure it out...

Here's my gameplay if you want to watch:










(ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/ This.Is.Impossible 

(Headphones recommended)

--Thoughts n' Impressions!--

(Played for over an hour or so) I wasn't even able to get all the way through phase 1 in my Part 1 video above! DAMN, this is a pretty tricky little horror game. It seems like there is a ton of content to do as well, especially for a free game. Should keep ya spooked, focused and more for a good while I'd say! 

(Will update the thoughts section the more videos I end up doing)

Overall-- Spooks n' Goofs levels-- 9 Majora's masks out of 10(★ ̄∀ ̄★)

Hope ya enjoy the video!


You've made a really awesome little game here! I'm excited to play again and get through it! 

I dont think i was suppose to find this ending without the 7 keys unless its a secret. Anyways I finished the game and i really enjoy the product man. Good job

Ahahahahahah! This is not good at all! You where able to stumble into the true ending without having beaten the game! :) I'll have to fix this ASAP! Thanks for posting this I am surprised I didn't find this!